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Tricky Teapot Mold

I would like to share my experiences with the small teapot mould if you know which one I mean. I couldn't get the fondant out of the mould without the handle breaking off. After fiddling with it again I figured out what I was doing wrong. Originally, when pushing the fondant into the mould I was doing the handle separately, so naturally the handle was already unattached at both ends. When it finally worked for me I was making sure the same piece of fondant was big enough to go right down into the larger part of the mould. It popped out no problem.

Francine Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia

Note From Vanessa -

When working with the lego man mold and placing in different coloured fondant, this can be done as shallow seperate pieces, but the trick is to then lay an entire single piece over the back to join the seperate pieces altogether. If it is fragile, you can pop it in the freezer for 10 mins or so just enough for it to stiffen up and it will pop out!

Happy Molding!

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