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Cake Stuck in Tin or Pan??

After speaking with the lovely Maggie on Monday, She let me know the drama's on the weekend with a pan/tin hire that she had when the cake had become stuck in there. We all have had "That" evil cake. Well Maggie was not going to have this beat her! She was determined to make it work. So after hours of internet trauling decided upon a method and "POP" out it came! She's letting us in on her secret so we don't have these same problems!


Freeze the cake in it's pan for approx 6 hours - or overnight works better.

If you have temp control on your hot water, turn it up nice and hot.

Fill your sink with enough hot water to cover the pan without it going onto the cake.

Maggie said with in a matter of minutes it should just "pop" out.


Thanks for the tip!

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