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Drip Cakes

I’m absolutely obsessed with drip cakes at the moment. Too much focus is on fondant cakes, where 90% of kids rip it off and kind of suck the cake and one little kid sits in the corner eating all that ripped off fondant – that’d be my Beth…

I love that drip cake look delicious and appealing to eat. Now bright out there Willy Wonker style doesn’t suit everyone, but in saying that these can be made with just about any colour pallet, from chocolate to vanilla and everywhere in between.

I love that it’s more than just cake and icing, there’s chocolate bark, lollies and more – limited by the imagination!

If you want to give it a go yourself or want us to do it for you a few things to remember –

Gel colours for cakes and buttercream and oil based colours for chocolate or you will cease it!!

Sprinkles, smiles & fun!

Choose 4 Colours & 4 Flavours and we can create a masterpiece for you! Whether you like bright, pastel or traditional colours - we can do it! Contact us on or on 7226 0690

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