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Summer Wedding Time!

We have been working away with wedding season and making some of my favorite cakes specialising in fresh flowers.

When using flowers on a cake you need to be careful not to damage the petals and you need to make sure that they are really fresh and from a reliable source.

I hope everyone has had a lovely break and is back ready for what 2015 has in stall for us.

I was lucky enough to be given a tour of the central markets and of Haighs from Father Christmas, I throughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Cheryl was our tour guide at the market and she definatly knows her market! I am now inspired by new flavour combinations that I haven't really thought about using. We are childless this week whilst the kids are away with Nan and Pop in Robe on their "South Australian Sea Side Summer Holiday" So I have had time to be a tourist in my own town and visit those places that we can't normally go with Children. Curious Squire Bar on O'Connell Street has A-MAZ-ING food and is sooo worth an evening out with friends. Tonight we are going to experience watching the cricket at Adelaide Oval without explaining to Bethany the Rules every two seconds and without having to make sure that Brad isn't going to fall down the isles because he is yelling so loud at the Strikers for getting out or celebrating them getting a 4 or a 6 by doing his "Bootie Dance" as he calls it - although it always leaves me in tears of laughter, and we won't have to run back and forth to the loo's!

We have starting making smash cakes for the wonderful Amy D. She's a mum and understands how hard it is to get a child to relax for photo's - so she will come to you! Make sure you book your next smash with Amy! Isn't it just the cutest photo!

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