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Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a very fabulous 2014!

When I sit and relect on this year, it has been a very very busy one, but one of working out a long term balance.

We started this time last Christmas in Sydney on a Family Driving Holiday, We spent the NewYear in Canberra - This first time that I've been and it's on the bucket list to go back!

We headed home to begin a new "More Rested" 2014 which turned into one of our most physical ones ever.

We decided in March this year to close the cafe - after another midnight trip to Modbury Hospital - I was in so much pain due to a large DVT (Clot) in my leg, apprently I am not able to do 18 hours days, day in and day out.

We moved to the wonderful and beautiful new store at Holden Hill, just off Grand Junction Rd - I absolutely love the fact it has carpet and air conditioning and with my health conditions it has been just a delight to go to work in a comfortable environment.

In August we had a break to Cairns, I think that it is again on the 2015 bucket list to be able to join the business group and attend a meeting (wether or not will be another thing!)

We have enjoyed making some special cakes for Crows, SADA, Bevilles, Myer, TTG Council, and Disney to name a few.

I can't believe that it is almost over! I am about to enter my 7th year as a business owner and we are set for some fabulous changes -

Courses are now 10 weeks long,

All my classes for 2015 are set, once booked out, that's it!

We will be in Crystle Brooke Teaching in July at the CDASA

We are hoping to put together a class in Pt Augusta

We have new products & We will be the South Australia Distrubitor for an exciting new product

Little Bethany that was still 2 almost 3 when I started will be joining us more as a junior staff member when she turns 10 in October!

Have a WONDERFUL & SAFE Christmas & New Year!!

Lots of Love and thanks for Supporting a South Australian Family Business

From Vanessa, Glen, Bethany-Kate, Bradley, Kate, Minh & Mackala


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