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It's Only Tuesday!


It's Tuesday and Christmas is getting closer! I hope that you have planned your Christmas Function along with the cake! We have had 100's of calls today booking in for Dec, Jan, Feb & March Cakes - Please Don't leave it to the last minute or you'll miss out. I've got a lot of meodeling on cakes this week so, I'll keep you posted with lots of pictures. The website was updated today with all our recent pictures of cakes - time flys when your having fun.

Today I've been on the hunt for princess toys - it's classic - I'm not a girly-girl, I never have been. Don't get me wrong, I like Tiara's, bling and shiney stuff, just not plastic toys. I like mud pies & boys stuff. The deepest I've ever ventured in was for Dolls for my dolly vardens - I'm not lying, but you can buy these from Coles or I get Glen to pick them up for me. Once I get dolls I just strip them off and put them in a box... I look kinda big, awkward and scared in there! It's all pink and plasticey... It smells like little girls room. Eppp.... I wish Kate was on Uni Holidays - She'd suit this job just perfectly!

I've ordered our Christmas Shirts and I CAN NOT WAIT until they come! I love Christmas - and Poor Kate knows it! Glen dressed the store last Thursday and is yet to do our outdoor lights.

I have a digital radio because I moved everything around out the back and couldn't get Cruise FM (am station) I can now even listen to Country Music - Whoo Hoo! I have heard a rumour that their is a Elf Station - but I can't find it! It will happen and poor Kate won't be able to hide the Christmas CD!

Here's a picture of my favourite cake this week!

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