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Callington Show





We had a lovely time at the Callington Show. We met up with Barb - our Convenor for Cookery on the Saturday and helped Steward out the entries. There were 4 tressle tables bumper to bumper with entries - it was so lovely to see how many people had entered. We had everything from bread to sponges to quiches to cakes.

We finally got to meet the famous 'Mrs Margaret Green' a cooking show icon with her delious sponges that she bakes in her wood oven. Vaughen was there with his entries in cake and Rex was there with his Chocolate Cake too.

It is such an amazing community of cookery, everyone is so friendly.

The buzz of anticipation when dropping in the entries, a marvous display of tupperware that is almost as old as me, tins, baskets and even pizza boxes. Children very carefully carrying their entries followed by nervous parents is just all part of it. Then there is the sea of new entrants with their weiry faces from being awake all night baking and trying to finish everything that they have entered off.

We carefully place everything out double checking the matching tickets to make sure that the right persons enteries match.

Then comes the judging. A special trolley is prepared for the judge with a nice big bucket full of warm water that will be replaced by the stewards once the water is dirty.

The judge prepares with her selection of knives for different things, tea towls, lifts and more.

The stewards prepare a mass of different coloured dots, certificates, lists of entrant numbers ready to assist the judge.

The judge carefully moves around carefully lifting and checking for colour, marks, size, texture and finally taste.

Once she makes the call the stewards move on in with the respectfully coloured dots and the convenor marks out the sheet writes out the certificates.

The cake judge begins and it is a different story down that end. The judge is looking for different things like the appearence, colour, finishing. We look at the front, back and sides - there is no hiding in this one. It is checked whether the entrant has used a dummy cake, real cake, baked their own gingerbread - yes it is very obvious if you try and cheat with a gingerbread kit - we can reconise them a mile away. We check the sizes the theme and they were all just so delightful! Everyone did such a lovely job. The farm house cakes was a whisker in it - it came down to one had made royal icing grass, one had made each grass strand. The womens weekly cakes were just spectacular and I think that this will with time become a favourite at Calli. I loved the swimming pool cake - everytime it wobbled, I laughed with delight - it was placed 2nd - just lovely. The children made such a lovely effort too. The champion standout in decorated was a spectacular gingerbread house - absolutley fabulous! I can't wait until next year!Glen WON the Laucke Scone Competition - we are now off to the district dinner final - practice practice practice! Good Luck Glen <3I tried my hand at something a bit different - and went for a painting - I came 3rd! Yay me!!

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