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Colour of the week is Blue!

We have had a very busy week here at Cake Studio. We have been very lucky to have the lovely Sofia in on work experience to help us out making lace and tiding up.

We only have a small team here - Myself - Decorating, Glen - Baking, Kate works 1-2 days - Decorating, and Mackala helps us by cleaning up, packing and is now a Decorator in Training - so it is a very big work load with all the prep that goes into the cakes, as well as answering all the emails, facebook, twitter messages, quotes, teaching, planning, ordering, packing stocking and more!

I enjoyed making the Bevilles cake - it was by far one of the biggest single sheet cakes to go out. It ended up just under a 1m x 70cm on a board even bigger than that! So I had to ask my wonderful husband to lift it - the very awkward moment when your arms are too short....


I really like making blue, white and silver cakes - it is on of my most favourite colour combinations. It is very elegant and suits so many occasions. It's good for both boys and girls - it makes an excellent father daughter cake.


More cakes are to come - We have made some very pretty wedding cakes which are our design and we have even more coming up over the next few weeks.

I will try to add some tutorials for you all in the next coming weeks. Strath show is this Monday - so I might see you there! I'm excited as Liz (Author of the Blue Ribbon Cookbook) is doing a demo.

Your in baking


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