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Last week 3rd November - 6th November I headed off to join my first class is something a bit different. Polymer Clay. It's something that has always taunted me and I have never been able to get it just right. It usually cracks, snaps and carries on for me, as for rolling it pfff....

So off I went to join other cake decorators and hobbists in what was about to be the most wonderful 4 days of fun and laughter. The talent pool was amazing, but even more so kindness amongst these ladies was just beautiful.

The wonderful Irene - Miss Frost - was a wonderfully patient teacher and manged to get around the room and assist us all.

I loved the giggles, private jokes and just being in a room of people who understood each other and our industy was wonderful.

On the end of the first day Irene drew open the curtains to let some light in for one of the ladies - there was atleast 6 of us who cowarded like vampires in the sun because we work endlessly in the dark hours of the night.

By day 2 I walked in to the most beautiful present of a glass boat in a bottle - I was so excited! Everyone was easing up and we had new seat allocations so we were able to chat with new people. By the end of the day our brides were coming along nicely

Day 3 we worked on tiny itty bitty bunches of flowers - wow - that even tested me out! I ended up making calla lillies - nice and easy, I took home the roses for Brad to make with his tiny fingers... I loved how everyone commented the next day on them and I had to own up to my 6 year old making them...

Day 4 we started on our grooms - I really enjoyed making grooms, I love giving the guys some personality. I made 2 - one was Elvis - that was pretty fun! He was a bit blingy - I'd definatly make this one again! The group came together when we discovered that we all hate "The Mat" and are much quicker with out it - the discussions on what the girls now use it for is priceless - my favourite was when they just cut it up for covering flower petals - perfect! We also all have the same views on center dowels - waste of space - love it!

Well done to Irene for all the set up and running, Thanks to Tania for helping Irene out, and my beautiful boat! To The Girls - Thanks you are all amaze-balls <3 Thanks for the laughter! Can't wait until the next time we all come together xxx

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