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Kids Birthday Time!

bradley cake_edited.jpg

This week was super busy and really fun!

We made hand made buttons for a wedding cake and I will definitely be adding a tutorial on how to do this in the next few weeks.

Our Dolly cake was shared on the ACDN page and got almost 600 likes on it - I was very pleased with that.

Our facebook page reached 5,000 likes this week.

On Monday we will announce the winner of our Frozen Cake Competition on Facebook.

It was Bethany-Kate & Brads joint party on Friday night and I've added a photo of Brads cake, I didn't get one of Bethany's but I'm sure my FIL has so I will share that with you all soon!

We have had an increase in edible printing - we need you to own the picture rights and have it printed out on an A4 sheet. We do not alter any images - we simply transfer it to edible. It is $19.95 per sheet and takes approx 30mins turn around time. This allows time for the ink to settle. KC Snack bar is open 6am-2:20pm and it's a good excuse to have lunch or a coffee. We don't print onto cheap nasty rice paper that dissolves on your cake, we use a lovely thick fondant sheet. Sometimes the colour is slightly lighter than the orginal print.

Another busy week coming up :) Have fun lovely people!

See you all soon!



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