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Cake Studio - Welcome!


Here we are, nearly all set up in our new store.

I will do a quick catch up post complete with pictures and that way we can start on our venture together once we know each other a little better!

We bought the Breadmakers Store in June 2008 and have developed into the Cake Studio you know today.

Everything in my store is months, if not years in the planning process. Every product I use myself and they all have more than just one use - or what's the use right?

We are real people from the real world and understand things like "budget" and "can we please make a payment plan for our wedding cake" I am thrifty, but some tools are just worth owning or you can't do the job properly and you will waste more time and money than it's worth.

We are more than happy to give you advice on your project, for us to better help you, please bring in a picture of what you are working on.

We are involved in our local community and in County Shows - we love our shows! It's great fun. Our kids love the baking, but also going on the day and spending time looking at all the beautiful displays and animals.

I'm going to share some pictures of what we have achieved and been apart of..

Look forward to more posts that will involve all types of tutorials and helpful hints..

Happy Baking

Miss Cake Fairy

aka Vanessa

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