We can turn your pictures and logos into edible images! From photos to drawings and more. We use high quailty fondant that won't bleed or melt when you add it to your cakes and cupcakes.

We also have a Rice Paper/Wafer option, if you would like butterflies or wafer thin.


They are $15 per A4 sheet, or $8 per A5. You can use it on buttercream, fondant, chocolate, jelly and just about any dessert! Perfect for themed dessert bars and corporate occasions.


What we need - 

Your picture printed out exactly as you would like it printed

Leave approx 1cm from the top of the page. 

We now offer it from a USB if it is ready to print, as well as it emailed through to us

It prints better quality from an online file, than paper or cardboard rather than an actual photo as there is less reflection.

If you are after cupcake toppers make sure they are in the shape and with multiple pictures

The brighter the picture the better the print


How long does it take - 

Allow approx 10 mins for it to print and dry to avoid smudging. 


What do I do with it? -

When you get home trim it with regular scissors whilst it is still nice and soft.

Peel away the baking before placing it onto the cake.

It can be put in the fridge, but please becareful of moisture.

For Jellies add just before serving

You can use it on cake, cream, fondant, chocolate and any edible dessert.

Rice Paper/Wafer Images can stand up in Buttercream frosting to make the tops of princess dresses